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Hypnosis sessions by Skype or Messenger

Enjoy a hypnosis session by Skype or Messenger.

Why use Skype?

Skype is a handy software for making video calls by Internet. With this new tool, you can benefit of hypnosis sessions, wherever you are, at home, anywhere in France or around the world.


The Skype video call is useful, especially if:

  • If you live far from Paris

  • if you do not have enough slots to move around

What do you need to follow a hypnosis session via Skype?

  • Arrange Skype software and open a free account. If this is not done yet, download Skype  

  • Have an ADSL or fiber connection of good quality (Prefer an Ethernet cable connection, it's better than Wi-Fi)

  • Have speakers or headphones with built-in microphone if possible to avoid external noise, and hear my voice perfectly

  • Choose an environment where you feel good (sitting, no pets, not with your children, turn off your phones ...)

How is a hypnosis session done by Skype?

  • Depending on the subject to be treated, we agree on the number of sessions (I usually work on 3 sessions except stop smoking cigarettes or cannabis that is on 1 or 2 sessions), and I confirm the appointments by SMS

  • 3 days before, I remind you this appointment by SMS

  • The day and time of appointment, I call you by skype (or Messenger depending on what you prefer)

How will you go to schedule your hypnosis session via Skype?

  • By phone or watsap or viber on: +33 (0) 6 88 36 71 63, because I need to know the reason why you contact me, and to explain my method

What are the rates and methods of payment

  • Rates are mentioned in "Sessions and rates" section.

  • The payment of hypnosis sessions via Skype or Messenger is done only by Paypal