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I practice Ericksonian hypnosis, created by Dr. Milton Erickson in the United States and I am not a health professional. Ericksonian hypnosis is a powerful method of communication. This is not a medical activity, and can not be a substitute for medical treatment.

Running of the sessions

Some people think that focusing on their problem will solve it. It does not work because this story is focused on the negative aspect. If it was enough to know his problem and talk about it to change, that would be easy, would not it? When a person smokes because he/she is stressed, does this knowledge allow him/her to stop smoking ?


During the session, you formulate your goal and you can change your perceptions or behaviors, which often lead you to a solution, and at your own pace, and that's really important, isn't it?


My clients often solve their problem in a few sessions even when they have had this problem for a long time and that's exactly what you want, right? One client smoked 1 pack of cigarettes a day for 20 years and immediately stopped smoking after one session. Another has had anxiety for a few years and had seen a psychiatrist every week, and he solved his problem only in 3 sessions. Another client had eating disorders since childhood and wanted to lose 10kg : she removed her eating disorders in 1 session and lost 10kg after 3 sessions.

There is no guarantee of results since it is you who will stop smoking or reach your goal, not me, right? Without a real personal commitment, nothing can be achieved, cannot it be? I make my best efforts to help you achieve your result, and so I have an obligation of means.

Generally, I work on 3 sessions except on stopping smoking cigarettes or cannabis that is often done on 1 session.


The rate is 150 € for the first session, and the duration is 1h, and 120€ for the following sessions whose duration is 45mn. Each session begins and ends at the scheduled time.


For stop smoking tobacco or cannabis, the rate is a lumpsum of 320€ due and payable at the first session and includes a free second session (if you have not stopped smoking after the first session) and also includes my specific behavioral method to remove automatisms. This lumpsum is not refundable whether you come to the 2nd session or not.


I also make sessions by skype or messenger for people who are far from Paris.


Any appointment is a firm commitment on your part, and I ask you to do everything to participate at the session, on the agreed day and at the agreed time, whatever the circumstances.


In case you decide to cancel or postpone the session, I ask you to do it at least 3 days before the day of the appointment. If you cancel or postpone less than 3 days before the day of the session, you agree to pay the entire session, and whatever the cause (except in case of duly justified medical emergency). This is to compensate for the time I have reserved for you.