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Video & Written Testimonials

Testimonials from clients who have quit smoking:

Testimonials from customers who have removed their airplane phobia :

Customer testimonials

Mrs. Barbara Mont wrote:

"Mastery of my anxiety attacks, preparation and success in my exams"

"I went to Frank Bleines following daily anxiety attacks and the preparation of an exam. From the first session, I felt much less anxious. The second session consolidated the first session. In two weeks, I had only a few crises of anxiety and after a month no more. Mr Frank Bleines allowed me to have very good results in my exams. I thank him very much for his follow-up, his professionalism and his kindness. I saw it a third time for another problem and it worked very well. For all the skeptics of hypnosis, Frank Bleines will make you change your mind! "

Mrs. Christine Rousseau wrote:

"Stress, anxiety and lack of confidence"

"In a few sessions, Frank immediately knew how to understand and analyze my anxieties and my stress, and very quickly he went to the essentials; his sessions immediately had a beneficial effect on my way of being; he also gave me the keys to mastering and managing my anxieties myself if it came back. I highly recommend Frank because he is a very good professional who puts you at ease right away and his sessions are very effective. thank you Frank. "

Mr. Louis Marie wrote:

"2 years of anxiety disappeared in 3 hours"

"When I met F Bleines, I lived for 2 years with a strong" chronic occupational stress ": generalized anxiety, regular crises, etc. Psych, yoga, sport: nothing improved the situation, except medocs. And everything recovered in 3 sessions of hypnosis! Hypnosis seems to me quite suitable for this type of anxiety disorder (to generalize to depressions), and F Bleines an excellent practitioner in his field! About the running of the sessions: My main surprise was that he did not ask any questions about what had happened to me, but was interested only in the objective I had to set (eg for the 1st session, divide by 4 intensity of stress attacks). Where an analytic psych would focus for months on father-son relationships or whatever, all the magic of brief therapy is to focus solely on behavioral change. Magic "

Mrs. Marianne Briand wrote:

"Do not put off until tomorrow what I can do the same day"

"I did not know hypnosis and I met Frank on the advice of a co-worker, because I had a block to make presentations in English and this was solved after a single session. I came back to see him because I had an important goal to reach at a horizon of 4 months and did not know how to do and I delayed any action related to this goal. During the session, everything became clearer and I moved quickly to action. Thank you, Marianne »

Miss Charlotte Blackburn wrote:

"16 in maths at the bac, thank you !!!! "

"Being a high school student in Terminale, I was very stressed by exams and especially those of maths. Thanks to a single session of hypnosis I went from an average of 8 to results of 13 and 15.5 - unthinkable results for 2 years! The session allowed me to relax and see the exams differently, allowing me to concentrate and not feel destabilized in exams! I also took advantage of my session to touch about the weight, and thanks to Mr Bleines I lost 7kg in 2 weeks. I highly recommend it for its professionalism and kindness that put me at ease directly. A big thank you to Frank for the work I did on him thanks to him! "

Mr. Jean-Louis Bachelet wrote:

"Migraine suppression"

"I came to see Frank Bleines last November, for migraines that made me suffer daily for seven years, following the cessation of smoking. I managed to relieve pain with codeine, which in the long run put my health at risk. After a session of hypnosis with Mr Bleines in mid-November, my migraines have been almost suppressed: to date, I had only two or three, which is for me a miracle and a deliverance. I would like to express my gratitude to this therapist whose remarkable skills must be known to the greatest number. "

Amandine wrote:

"Phobia of the plane, finally healed"

"Phobics of the plane for more than 13 years, I have never been able to fly and just think to set foot in 1 airport was simply unthinkable (anxiety, crying, irritability, nausea ...). My husband having won 1 week for 2 club in Greece, I could not miss this opportunity ... again. While surfing the internet where they spoke about hypnosis, I came across testimonials where the name of Frank Bleines appeared several times. So I went to his blog and then sent him an email. He immediately answered me and we exchanged by phone. It's a professional who listens to his patients and the feeling is right away. We agreed to 3 sessions (and at the beginning I confess I was dubitative ...). After the first session, no big changes but after the 2nd, I started to feel more zen (and for me who follows 1 big nervous and hyper active, well it was just ... cool!). I did the exercises he had advocated for me and I must say that Frank Bleines is bluffing! At 2 days of departure, I saw him for the last session and there, I felt able to face my fear, I was more sure of myself, I had confidence in myself. On the day of departure I was able to enter the airport without any problem. A little apprehensive boarding but after 1 session of self-hypnosis, it was great. I even laughed on the plane. And the return flight, no need for self-hypnosis: I was just OK! So thank you Frank! Yes thank you for helping me to live 1 dream and to have confidence in me !!! Without you I would never have arrived and I could not have lived a holiday of madness! Now I dream of traveling around the world with my husband and my children thanks to you! "

Mrs. Hélène Jouglet wrote:

"Lose weight and feel good!

"Coming to see him for a few pounds to lose, I leave home with a catch of hell, with a desire to get there, my back pain has disappeared without even having spoken, everything seems so simple. A magician this man ... I recommend all hesitating people to take the plunge ... it's worth knowing this gentleman. It helps us get better in many areas. It makes us travel, dream. I can not wait to be at my next appointment. A moment so exotic. Thank you Frank Bleines ... I know that in a few months my dream will come true .... Next summer on the beach my first thoughts will be for you. Helen in a swimsuit and proud to be. "

Miss Eleonore Boulard wrote:

"Suppression of eating disorders"

"Much more effective than a psychologist, psychiatrist, psychotherapist, etc. Mr. Frank Bleines really gets involved in his work. "Support" does not just happen during the session, but throughout the day, and the week, and the month, and so on. Mr. Frank Bleines is capable of doing incredible things. Of great kindness and generosity, this hypnotherapist is undoubtedly someone very attentive. He does not hesitate to provide very valuable assistance and considerable support. I would like to recommend Mr. Frank Bleines. We can not hope to find better. I myself was conquered from the first appointment. After the fourth session, things were clearly beginning to return to normal. 4 years that I saw doctors, without any real result. Today, thanks to Frank Bleines, a lot has changed. Thank you "

Mr. Jeremy Ngaw wrote:

« Ice cream addiction testimonial »

« Dear Frank I’d like to give you my sincerest thanks and appreciation for getting me off my addiction to ice cream. To be honest, I was skeptical as to wether one session with you would break my lifelong habit. How glad and surprised I felt when I was able to just confidently walk into the cinema and not even bother looking at the ice cream shop. I have lost 3kg in 3 weeks because of that and I look forward to finally achieving my ideal weight. I wish you all the best and I hope that more people would benefit from your good work! Best wishes, Jeremy »

Miss Stéphanie Sartore wrote:

« " Self-confidence and 15kgs loss »

"I appreciate the sessions with Frank Bleines because of him I have more confidence in me, I am more serene and I feel more in harmony with my body since we did not work on weight loss, the affective has detached itself from the food. I recommend it for its benevolence and professionalism. A big thank you for what you have brought me in my life. "

Mira wrote:

"Frank, we did two sessions and my life literally changed."

"I do not even have any idea how important it was to get rid of such old boundaries and acquire a new vision that allowed me to change universes altogether and to collect - finally - the fruits. very tangible 30 years of research in personal development. Thank you so much! "

Customer testimonials on stopping smoking

Mrs. Alice Djebara wrote:

"It's amazing, I do not smoke anymore! "

"This little message to tell you that I was a smoker for 10 years and in one hour session I totally stopped smoking (cigarette and cannabis), I said to myself" it's downright magic! Because it was impossible for me to spend a day without smoking. And it's been 8 months since I was a smoker Thank you Mr Bleines »

Mrs. Yessa Melili wrote:

"Stop smoking without pain"

Hello, The urge to quit smoking taunts me again. Just envy, for the rest the will is not enough. I promise myself a thousand times that tomorrow will be the last. I wake up in the morning after drinking a few glasses of sparkling wine and countless cigarettes, just to relax a bit on that icy night. (In fact, I have been told that this significantly increases blood pressure). My throat bites me and my mouth feels cold ashtray, brrr! In the early morning, the complexion is greyish, and the commissures marked, I cough all the guts of my poor congested lungs ... .Promise tomorrow absolutely stops. And that lasts since I do not know when ... .Quinze, Twenty years in the air. Until the day I come across a comment about the stop smoking without pain. It's about hypnosis and Mr Bleines. I take my courage in both hands, and call him. And from there believe me or not, MY LIFE CHANGES ... .I reborn from my own ashes lol if I can afford the allusion, it is too good. Indeed, Mr Bleines in one sitting not only helps me quit smoking but stranger still, loads of cravings I had before were a priori inhibited by the absorption of tobacco, and alcohol. I had buried them so far away ... Suddenly I began to swim regularly, I resume my dear philosophical readings where I left them falling little by little ... I rediscover the desire to walk in my museums and my exhibitions, to taste life without this addiction that drove me night after night to burn myself slowly. Life for me is again adorned with the most beautiful colors, the purest hope, I smile to who wants ... Look at me I am delivered, I AM FREE ... .ENFIN Mr Bleines Thank you from the bottom of my heart. If you want to rediscover the true meaning of well-being, just call Mr Bleines. Please make this call. Ms. Melili Yessa »

Mr. Philippe Alves wrote:

"Stop smoking: 90 cigarettes a day in one session and removal of eating disorders"

"Smoker since the age of 18 I'm 56 years old to date and I smoked 90 cigarettes a day without really wanting to quit, I did research on the internet and the method that seemed the healthiest was hypnosis, so I made an appointment to Mr Bleines without knowing it by him by my adiction to tobacco and it's been 2 months now that I do not smoke at all and smokers do not bother me either, j I quit smoking in the first session, my only fear was weight gain and so I decided to see my blood stress, knowing that some extra pounds are less dangerous than cigarettes. After 2 work sessions, I stabilized my appetite without diet because thanks to hypnosis I have a more balanced relationship with food and I do not eat at night when it was years that I had taken this habit, I forgot to tell him that I have been an insomniac for fifteen years thanks to the very professional work of Mr Bleines I also requilibre on sleep, a big thank you to Mr Bleines "