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What is a hypnosis state ?

Hypnosis is a state, and it's not a technique, and you live every day with many states of hypnosis, and you probably did not know it, right?


When you are engrossed in a book, music, movie, painting, picture, when you dream awake, when you are focused on a task relating to your work, when you play sports or when driving, you are in hypnosis. Each of us has had the experience of driving while having the impression of dreaming on certain journeys or having emotions by reading a book, listening to music or watching a movie, not you?


So we are all and often in hypnosis. Hypnosis is a powerful means of change when used to reach your goal.


Most people today know that hypnosis is taking control over yourself in order to change and reach your goal, and that's what you want, don't you ? So during the session, you always keep control and contrary to popular belief, you do not sleep. You will imagine, hear, and feel the things that are most interesting to you. In session, part of you will listen to the sound of my voice, and you will allow yourself to easily go into hypnosis as you wish: eyes closed or open, sitting or standing, quickly or not quickly, consciously or unconsciously.


Milton Erickson has shown that change is easy to achieve on your own because you have all the resources you need. Ericksonian hypnosis causes your subconscious to emerge: do you think that when you get up in the morning and prepare your breakfast, go to the bathroom, get dressed and go to work or do any activity, are you conscious or is it not rather an unconscious automatism? When your lungs breathe or your heart beats, you do not realize it, do you? And so thanks to this natural method, you can reach your goal. Isn't it fascinating?